Arc Flash Studies

The amount of energy rated in Cal/cm2. Based upon Incident Energy. An Arc Flash travels through air via positive & negative ions and can be a very violent destructive force. We can help you train your staff on Arc Flash dangers.


Understanding Electrical Shock Hazard boundaries. The boundaries are decided using NFPA 70 E Table 130.2 C. The boundaries are Limited approach boundary and Restricted approach boundary. We can help you make sure your staff is trained and properly qualified to enter the various levels of boundary.

Shock Hazard Boundary Definitions in NFPA 70E

NFPA 70E 2015 Article 130.4(B) states: “The shock protection boundaries identified as limited approach boundary and restricted approach boundary shall be applicable where approaching personnel are exposed to energized electrical conductors of circuit parts.”

PPE Requirements Hazard Risk Category HRC 1-4, Based on Cal/cm2 values

Incident Energy

Incident energy is a measure of thermal energy at a working distance from an arc fault. It is measured in cal/cm2

Glove Classification

Class 00, Class 0, Class 1, Class 2 rubber gloves with ANSI rated leather outer shells.